Epic Brain Centers provide EMBP™, ElectroMagnetic Brain Pulse, setting a standard of excellence for Brain Health in the world today

EMBP™ is an advanced technology developed, patented and released by NoetherTech™. Dr. Yi Jin discovered brain-wave-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for which he released an advanced EMBP™ protocol in 2020 together with Brain Health Leadership Foundation.

EMBP™ ’s goal is to identify and record an individual’s brain activity and condition using EEG (electroencephalogram). It then improves or corrects the brain condition through personalized pulse-matching, electromagnetic stimulation utilizing TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).


Epic Brain Centers provide EMBP, ElectroMagnetic Brain Pulse is an individualized, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical medical intervention for optimizing brain health. As a medical intervention, it is under the care of one of our licensed physicians.

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Credit: www.bhlfoundation.org/testimonials