History of EMBP

EMBP History

Brain-wave-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment was discovered by Yi Jin, MD, through his academic research and clinical applications over the past 30 years. It has been developed in combination with his knowledge of the first principles of thermodynamics, and information processing of the brain, and his clinical experiences in psychiatry. According to his theory, cognition and its anomalies are epiphenomena of underlying survival strategies of the central nervous system. Abnormal behaviors are modeled as phenomena caused by deviations from the default state and subsequent compensatory changes in the brain. Electromagnetic Brain Pulsing Treatment (EMBP) is a new, advanced and proprietary technology, developed and patented by NoetherTech. The essence of the treatment is identifying the patient’s brain condition through quantitative analyses and then delivering a customized, pulse-matching, electromagnetic stimulation to normalize the brain condition.